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Hercules DJ DJControl Inpulse T7 2-Channel Motorized DJ Controller Black

Hercules DJ DJControl Inpulse T7 2-Channel Motorized DJ Controller Black

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The Hercules DJ DJControl Inpulse T7 gives you an authentic DJ experience with motorized platters and a central mixer. Designed for beginners and pros alike, this two-channel controller lets you hone your skills with included DJ software and platters that provide a genuine vinyl feel.

Motorized Platters Provide Tactile Feedback

The 7 platters feature slipmats and separate vinyl records, allowing you to remove the records for a customizable look. With variable speeds from 0 to 33 1/3 RPM in an instant, you can beatmatch, mix and scratch like the pros. The platters provide the same resolution as professional turntables for an authentic feel.

Central Mixer Offers Per-Channel Control

The mixer section puts all the essential controls at your fingertips. Three EQ knobs, gain knob and filter knob give you control over each channels sound. Volume faders, VU meters and a crossfader allow for smooth mixes and transitions. You have the flexibility to filter, tweak and transform the audio on the fly.

Compact, Lightweight Build is Easy to Transport

Weighing just 11lb., the DJControl Inpulse T7 is highly portable. Retractable feet provide stability during use while integrated handles make it easy to transport and store. For on-the-go DJs or those with limited space, this controller offers professional quality in a compact package.

Software Helps You Learn the Craft

Serato DJ Lite and DJUCED software are included to help you master mixing and scratching. With the same technology as Serato DJ Pro, the DJControl Inpulse T7 provides an accessible yet powerful platform to develop your skills. You can create mashups by combining vocals, melodies and more.

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H):31.60 x 15.80 x 6.20 Inches
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